Sites to Behold

Sites to Behold

Looking for inspiration for an Inviting website?

Check out these sites from some of Washington's own varied creators. We have gathered examples from a few of the amazing creatives we've featured in the past at Whipsmart. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, actor, or musician a well designed website can not only show off your talents but provide a way for your potential customer or client to get to know you and engage with your content and brand.

AO Hamer:

Aramis Hamer is a painter who utilizes YouTube to expand her reach, but also maintains her own site and instagram to connect with her community. "Empower yourself by optimizing your platforms to receive money. Create your website." Read more about Aramis here.

Ben Hunter:

Ben Hunter is a musician, artist, and activist. His site not only features his music, but his lectures and workshops. "There are infinite ways to have a conversation, and that’s what my work strives to do. Uncover all the ways we can engage with each other." Read more about Ben Hunter here.

Joby Shimomura:

Former political wonk, Joby Shimomura now creates glass art. Embracing the unexpected, she works to balance the art of making with the art of marketing. "You don’t have to figure everything out at once — getting started is the most important step." Read more about Joby Shimomura here.

Nike Imoru:

Nike Imoru is a self described multi-hyphenate theater and film industry professional.  Nike uses her site as a portfolio of her work as a performer, producer and coach including the 2019 Feature Film she brought to Washington State. "I feel extremely respected and I feel seen and understood."

World Famous:  

World Famous is a creative agency in Seattle that does creative strategy, branded content, social campaigns and brand activations. We talked to Rachel Carlson, Partner and Executive Creative Director in December "Individuality is everything. Leveling up in 2022 means being who you truly are, rather than who you think an employer or client wants you to be." Read more about Rachel and The Future Of Creativity And Design her.

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