Inspiring Creative Content Curated by Jam Scott

Inspiring Creative Content Curated by Jam Scott
Tales of Our Sisters podcast

There are times when I don’t need a complete getaway, but I’m instead looking to further my understanding of how to best use my creativity as a means of creating dialogue and change. I am continually inspired by all of the content being put out by those who have been historically marginalized.

While the world of arts and entertainment certainly has more work to do, it makes me hopeful to see creatives of color telling their own stories with authenticity. Diverse content helps to dispel the misconception that similarly marginalized people exist in a monolith.

By carving out creative spaces for the oft-silenced, and affording us the means to tell our own stories with autonomy, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of diversity and inclusion in the narratives we encounter. Here are a few examples:

One Night in Miami

This film, written by Kemp Powers and beautifully directed by Regina King, is a fictionalized look at the coming together of some of the greatest voices in the fight for equity. The nuanced conversations, and tense arguments, shed a light on the stressors faced and the responsibilities shouldered by those striving for equity and freedom.

@Twulshootseed on TikTok: Run by the Puyallup Tribal Language Program, this TikTok account aims to revitalize the Twulshootseed language spoken by tribes living in and around the Puget Sound region. Checking out and following the account is a great way to learn more about the language and culture of the Indigenous folks whose land we reside upon.

Tales of Our Sisters

This podcast, by filmmaker Cynthia Francillon, centers Black women storytellers and explores the varied and artful ways they engage in their craft and the barriers faced. It is an insightful, honest, and deep listen that gives a powerful look at experiences of Black women as creative culture bearers.

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