Download Digital Stories Centering Indigenous Experience

Download Digital Stories Centering Indigenous Experience
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Listed below are some interactive ways, on multiple media sources, to learn more about Native American peoples. 

I find strength in their presence. Each one uniquely shares information and truths which are valuable for learning true Indigenous stories and  histories through an Indigenous lens. Versus the (typically white) perspective of how the majority of our current history books have been written.

Download the app Native Land on your mobile device to see whose original unceded land you are on where you reside or when you are out exploring or visiting.  This app shares original treaties, names of the Native American tribes and languages. You can use the desktop version to see the full interactive map and learn about the creators.

All My Relations podcast is produced in Washington State and shares important knowledge about Native American culture from blood quantums to healing the land, to healing ourselves.

Rutherford Falls is a new series streaming on Peacock that is produced by Native Americans. The show’s storyline shares the struggles of living in a colonized society as Indigenous Peoples. Many Native American artists were a part of the series as well.

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