Jam Scott's Top 3 Apps for Freelancing

Jam Scott's Top 3 Apps for Freelancing

Technology can help streamline your creative workflow. It can also be super overwhelming with a ton of options out there for productivity, self-care, budgeting, time management, and more.

Filmmaker, artist, and educator Jam Scott is a busy creative always juggling a ton of projects—read more about Jam in our interview here. So we asked her to tell us about the three top apps she uses  to bolster her creative career.

I love Canva. It allows me to make creative and aesthetically pleasing copy and social media content, and it is easy to use.

I was introduced to Toggl last year and it has been very helpful in tracking project hours for invoices.

And last is TikTok. It doesn’t just provide entertainment and dance challenges. TikTok is also a platform where creatives can learn and share tips and tricks for producing engaging social media content and fine tuning your craft.

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