Jeff Ostenson’s 5 Top Docs to Stream

Jeff Ostenson’s 5 Top Docs to Stream

North 40 Productions team on set. Photo Credit: Jeff Ostenson

As the Executive Director of North 40 Productions, a digital media production house in Wenatchee, Jeff Ostenson is always drawn to a good story. North 40 Productions works with a diversity of clients “from fruit growers, non-profits, state agencies and Native American Tribes to ski areas and mountain bike trails.” (Read our interview with Jeff here).

Over the past nine years, North 40 Productions has produced an array of TV commercials, animations, motion graphics, documentary shorts, narrative shorts, and feature documentary films. So what kinds of docs does Jeff Ostenson watch in his spare time? He told us about five of his top docs that are streaming right now—they may make you laugh or cry, but they all tell a story worth watching.

Life, Animated

Available to stream on Hulu

“If you don’t cry watching this film, you may not be human.”

Louder than a Bomb

Available to rent or buy on AppleTv, Amazon Prime and YouTube

“Explores the power and poetry of words.”

Why We Fight

Available to stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Tubi and Pluto TV

“Explains the US’s military industrial complex.”

Apollo 11

Available to stream on Hulu, and to rent on AppleTv, Amazon Prime, and YouTube

“Told solely with old news reels and no new interviews or narration, we get to witness the moon landing like we were there.”

My Octopus Teacher

Available to stream on Netflix

“So beautifully shot and the connection between the main character and an octopus…”

The Cove

Available to rent on ITunes

“Opens your eyes about illegal dolphin fishing in Japan.”

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