Make a Clean Sweep of It

Make a Clean Sweep of It
Brooms by Betania Ridenour. Photo Credit: Betania Ridenour

People tend to think in binaries, but things are never binary. Energy clings to matter, so you might as well work some intention into cleaning in a non-binary and magical fashion! 

I love to share about ways to merge the sacred and the mundane by bringing ceremony into your everyday life and movements.

I wanted to share a little practice with you of one way to use a broom as a magical and ceremonial tool. By sweeping out stagnant energy we can get things moving, freshen a place up, and make room for emergence. 

This is useful for cleaning out stagnant unwanted energy in a house or any space and creatives can use this practice to sweep out their creative blockages and make room for new ideas. 

Someone shared with me that an elder once told them: “Spirits get stuck in dirty corners,” and I never forgot that!

Letting go to Make way for Emergence:

This simple practice can be used anytime you sweep. 

It can be helpful to light some incense, a candle and/or put on some chill background music. Some way of recognizing that you’re setting an intentional and ceremonial space. 

As you pick up your broom, imagine the stuff that you associate with your space, or your life, that you don’t really want there anymore. It could be stuff like your creative block and the anxieties that come with it, your winter depression, a gross feeling some person left with you after a bad interaction, or anything else that's taking up space in your life that you don’t need anymore. 

As you start sweeping, picture all that stuff in your space, and picture it being swept up with the dust. As you gather up all that physical debris on your floor, you’re gathering up all the other mess in your life too, all the things that you want to let go that are no longer serving your highest purpose and you’re collecting it in little piles. 

The whole time you’re sweeping, keep in mind what you want to clear out and when you sweep the little piles into the dustpan say: “goodbye and thank you for your time but you are no longer needed.” 

I like to throw  the dirt out outside into the wind to be composted and transformed, instead of leaving it to linger in my kitchen trash can. Now, with that gone, you’ve made your space cleaner and made room to bring in the new. 

By getting rid of the unwanted stuff that was taking up room in your psyche, your energy and your space you’ve made room for new things to be called in. This is a good moment to plant some seeds of what you want to welcome in.

Betania with their brooms.

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