The Future of Creativity and Design is Optimism and Instinct

The Future of Creativity and Design is Optimism and Instinct
Rachel Carlson, Partner, Executive Creative Director at World Famous

2022 is right around the corner! There's a lot of exciting creative potential in the air as people are slowly emerging from a long pandemic, and ready to bring their ideas and projects to life by starting a new business, launching a crowdfunding campaign, or finding new ways to get productive.

We talked to Rachel Carlson, Partner and Executive Creative Director at World Famous, a creative agency in Seattle that does creative strategy, branded content, social campaigns and brand activations) about the future of creativity and design, and how, as a creative, being who you are is the best asset you can bring to the job.

What design & branding, creative agency and advertising trends do you see happening in the industry in 2022?

The age of Optimism is upon us. I think we are so bogged down by the oppressive bullshit, the world is ending, the world already ended, that all people want is a dopamine hit.

That’s what the future of creativity and design is: Dopamine.

We need something to feel good about. Let’s have fun again in advertising.

When you think about ‘the future of work,’ what do you think about, and what does it mean for creatives?

We are coming out of a data-driven era. Everything was a/b tested. Qual/quant ruled. But data only shows group trends. And the best creative has always been, and will always be, things individuals relate to on an individual level.

So industry-wide, we need creatives now more than ever. The people who create on instinct, from their gut— not from qual studies. Because when you get down to it, people share things they relate to on a visceral level, and sometimes that thing is a piece of advertising.

What can creatives in the design and advertising  industry do to ‘level up’ their skills in 2022?

Individuality is everything. Leveling up in 2022 means being who you truly are, rather than who you think an employer or client wants you to be. Use your collective life experiences to color the design and ads you make. Find a way to connect to your client’s demographic and go from there.

And above all else, entertain yourself. Because if you, the creator, isn’t amused by the end result, no one else will be.

Finally, we noticed that World Famous is hiring for a lot of positions right now. What makes someone a great fit for World Famous?

At World Famous, we are building an agency that eliminates all the bloat and complications that get in the way from brands getting the best creative. And to do that, we need creatives who are ready to roll up their sleeves, jump in and create fearlessly. And then go live their lives. Because no one wants to work all the time.

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