Get to know Shunpike : Q&A with Line Sandsmark

Get to know Shunpike : Q&A with Line Sandsmark

Washington state has incredible organizations statewide that help bolster the creative economy by helping creatives thrive. The team at Whipsmart reached out to these organizations to better understand their particular programs and perspective on the creative economy.

Line Sandsmark answers a few questions about Shunpike...

What is your organization and what is its mission?

Shunpike empowers artists through equitable access to vital expertise, opportunities, and business services.

What inspires the work of the organization?

Shunpike thrives as a result of the creativity and productivity of the thousands of artists in our region whose work we facilitate, exhibit, and amplify through our many programs. 


What programs do you facilitate that support the creative economy? 

Shunpike's fiscal sponsorship program facilitates the fundraising and administrative work of over 150 independent arts organizations in the region, helping artists, performers, and creative entrepreneurs focus more of their resources on mission-related arts programming. In addition, we run or facilitate programs geared toward individual artists and their professional development, such as the Amazon Artist in Residence program, Storefronts, ACES: Artists of Color Expo and Symposium, and The Studio @ 2+U.

What is one of the organization’s recent biggest success stories?

In April of this year, we launched Seattle REStored - a collaboration with Seattle Good Business Network, in partnership with Seattle Office of Economic Development. In 2022, this program will activate 60 currently vacant storefronts in Greater Seattle with the exhibition of work by visual artists, and pop-up retail shops showcasing locally owned makers. The program prioritizes BIPOC artists and creative entrepreneurs.

In one sentence, tell us why you think it’s important to support Washington’s creative economy?

Our creative economy is not only a major contributor to our economy as a whole (close to 10%) in terms of dollars and cents, but other businesses thrive here because our creative sector makes Washington an interesting, vibrant and healthy place to live.

What advice would you give to an emerging creative entrepreneur? 

Collaborate! The wheel has been reinvented often enough already. There are very many aspects of running a business, such as an arts organization, that are the same for everyone, and don't require your most unique talents. By consolidating administrative work, for example, through partnerships or fiscal sponsorship, you can focus your energy on what you're most passionate about.

If an emerging creative entrepreneur is looking for inspiration, what would you suggest?

Take inspiration from people whose accomplishments you admire, by looking at how they began, and what their path to success looked like.

How do people stay connected to your work?

People stay connected to Shunpike through our programs and the thousands of artists we work with. By going to shows, participating in workshops or productions, supporting artists through donations, strolling through South Lake Union on one of our Art Walks or on your own and enjoying locally produced art in the windows, by attending ACES - either in person or virtually, you connect with Shunpike when you connect with the work we facilitate.

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