Get to know Artist Trust: Q&A with Kristina Goetz

Get to know Artist Trust: Q&A with Kristina Goetz

Washington state has incredible organizations statewide that help bolster the creative economy by helping creatives thrive. The team at Whipsmart reached out to these organizations to better understand their particular programs and perspective on the creative economy.

Kristina Goetz answers a few questions about Artist Trust...

What is your organization and what is its mission?

Artist Trust’s mission is to support and encourage artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

What inspires the work of the organization? 

We believe in the power of Washington State artists. 

What programs do you facilitate that support the creative economy?

Since our founding in 1986, Artist Trust has invested over $15 million in grants, resources, and career training for thousands of emerging, mid-career and established artists throughout Washington’s urban and rural communities. We are one of the few non-profit artist support organizations in the country, and the only in Washington State, that provides financial and professional support for artists.

Our work has two core components: Professional Development and Direct Support. Professional Development includes career training workshops, networking opportunities, information sessions, online resources, and programming that positively impact artists’ ability to make a living, helping create just and thriving local economies. Direct Support includes merit and need based funding programs that support artists at all career stages directly, with an intersectional focus on racial and geographical diversity and equity.  

What is one of the organization’s recent biggest success stories?

Washington State artists were among the first to face severe career disruption and income loss due to COVID-19. Artist Trust immediately set to work moving resources to artists facing financial crisis. We created a statewide artist survey to better understand the impacts on Washington State’s artist population. The need for immediate financial relief was apparent, and we created the COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund. Over a 13-month period, over $900,000 was raised and distributed to 565 artists, the most direct financial support given to artists in our organization’s history. This has since informed a new grant program, the Artist Trust Endurance Grants, launching on July 11 this year. Through this we’ll be able to give 40 artists emergency financial support of $2,500 each. Our organization has committed to this program for at least three years.

In one sentence, tell us why you think it’s important to support Washington’s creative economy?

The creative economy makes our communities thoughtful, vibrant, and equitable.

What advice would you give to an emerging creative entrepreneur?

Look for networks, connections, and resources. So many folks are happy to sit down and skill-share with emerging creatives.

If an emerging creative entrepreneur is looking for inspiration, what would you suggest?

Have generative conversations with others who are doing similar work. Find a mentor (or peers who you can bounce ideas off with). And finally, attend a concert, art exhibition, or gallery walk. Go see a great film. Connecting with art always inspires.

How do people stay connected to your work?

You can sign up for our newsletter at, follow us on social, or email us at

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