Nicole Bishopp Gets Creative with PNW Outdoorsy Designs

Nicole Bishopp Gets Creative with PNW Outdoorsy Designs
Nicole Bishopp self-portrait

I chose to highlight my friend, Nicole Bishopp, in the Creative Community, as I want to continue to highlight women artists. I was first introduced to her artwork at a previous graphic design business my husband and I both worked at, where we would print her artwork.

Upon seeing the rad work she creates with Sharpies, I knew we shared a love for art. It has been amazing to see her journey as a creative and how she has continued to adapt within the ever-changing art world.

Tell us about your journey in your own words and what’s connected it all together for you. What inspired your passion for your work? 

My life as an artist began when I was young and I have always found the most happiness in my life when I am creating. Whenever I thought I should do something else for a career the universe has always brought a commission, or new creative endeavor to reassure me that this is my path. 

I love the outdoors and my favorite recreation has always been snowboarding, skating, mountain biking and any water-related sport. So naturally I incorporated my art into the things I love to do outside. 

It's really a no brainer, I follow my heart and passion and live doing what I love. It's the perfect balance and I've found so much happiness in being creative. Nature always brings out the best in us so I'm just here to relay the message in a creative way for the world to enjoy.

"Pure Magic" by NIcole Bishopp

How do you continue to do the work that you're doing? 

I have survived as a full time artist by being flexible with the mediums I use as well as always trying new techniques. I also have a really great network of people that I've met along that way that share the same passions. 

These relationships and collaborations have carried my work even further. I also branched out and created my own product line with my designs so that I am able to wholesale and retail my art to the masses. Not everyone can afford a huge painting, so the product line allows them to still enjoy my art and share as gifts. Wholesale has taken my art to the next level.

Nicole Bishopp surrounded by her work. Photo Credit: Nicole Bishopp

What about your art do you wish people understood on a deeper level? 

I think art is intuitive and I find the more I just connect with the feelings and go with the flow, those are my best pieces. I like to call it the "conversations in my head". Art is truly a way for me to connect to the world and inspire others. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist/entrepreneur? 

If your gut tells you that you must create art, listen to it. Do the work every day. If you practice anything in life enough you will eventually become a professional. Consistency and dedication is key. 

Learn how to not only create, since that will come naturally, but also learn how to do the things that will help your art get noticed and sold. Don't let others determine your destiny either. Always be true to your heart and it will all fall into place. 

Being creative is essential in life. The hard part is learning when and who you ask to help you on the journey, a lot like life.

What do you value the most about the work you do? 

The best feeling and inspiration has come when someone tells me how much my art has affected them or how it has made them happy or whole again. 

I feel like when I create for myself it's just an avenue to express the beauty and the effect nature has on my soul. It's like explaining my connection to nature visually. Sometimes I get really lucky to help others tell their story through my art. It's pretty amazing work.

Nicole Bishopp at work. Photo Credit: Nicole Bishopp

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