Mariella Luz's Top 5 Washington Creatives You Should Check Out

Mariella Luz's Top 5 Washington Creatives You Should Check Out
From left to right, works by Nikki McClure, Lori Goldston, Natasha Alphonse, Clyde Peterson, and Aisha Harrison

We asked Mariella Luz, a self-taught ceramicist and owner of of m.bueno Pottery in Olympia, WA to tell about 5 Washington State-based creatives she finds inspiring.—from DIY woodcut artists to filmmakers who use stop-motion, riveting musicians and soulful ceramicists.

Check out our interview with Mariella here, where she talks about about balancing business with pleasure when creating, how lockdown has affected her creative process, and how to make a living selling your artwork.

Nikki McClure || Paper Artist & Author, Olympia

"Beautiful, inspiring, meaningful and never cheesy.  I don’t know any (many?) other artists that can pull that off as well as she does."

Lori Goldston || Musician, Seattle

"I’ve toured with Lori andI’ve known her for many years and I still can’t explain her work in an articulate way.  But I can feel it when she plays and I love it."


Clyde Peterson || Musician & Multi-MediaArtist, Seattle

"So smart, so funny, always so well done. Clyde makes work that would never occur to me and I mean that in the best possible way."


Natasha Alphonse || Potter, Seattle

"One of my all-time favorite potters. I’m a potter for a living and I use one of her cups every single day!"

Aisha Harrison || Ceramic & Visual Artist, Olympia

"If I could describe Aisha’s work in a word it would be powerful.  Her skills are amazing but how she uses them in her sculpture is breathtaking & provocative."

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