Vik Chopra On the Power of Relationship Building for Career Success

Vik Chopra On the Power of Relationship Building for Career Success

What is the importance of networking for your business? 

Networking is the backbone of my business. I have always believed in the power of relationship building, especially entertainment and production. All of the best opportunities that have presented themselves to us have been through our networks and the relationships we've built. Period.

How do you set yourself apart/make a good impression?

I set myself apart naturally because relationship building is one of my strengths. I make "friends" easily and connect with others very quickly. Being an active listener and finding common ground coupled with a dash of charisma go a long way in this business.

What has your past life taught you about human connections? 

Human connections are everything. Hands down. It is because of the human connections in my life that I am able to live, work and thrive. My loved ones support me emotionally. My company team supports me and my business/career. My gym family supports me as I progress physically. I am who I am because of the humans in my life and the relationships I've cultivated.

What are the best ways to keep in touch with your most valued contacts?

The best ways to keep in touch with my most valued contacts would be through meaningful conversations, whether they be in person, on a phone call, texting, or DM'ing through social media. My preferred method for relationship building is in-person interactions though. They are the most important as you can feel someone's energy when you are in their presence. The vibe you get when someone is sitting or standing in front of you is super important in making decisions on whether or not you want to do business with someone.

How would you want someone to best network with you? 

The best method for networking with me would be to start off on social media if they are a new contact. Social media gets a bad rap sometimes, but it is a great tool for assessing someone and their life, strength and skills. I use social media strategically to highlight accomplishments both personally and professionally, as well as to keep in touch with those I may not necessarily have time for in my real "in person" life. Once we've developed a rapport through social media, then I can make the space and time for in person interaction.

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